What factors other than functionality you should check in a WordPress theme?
There are many WordPress theme marketplaces which are good and sell WordPress themes as a website package with all the bells and whistles loaded with them.
So basically all you have to do is install the theme and then some plugins and using some 1 click functionality you can load up all the demo content and set it up on your website server.
So all it remains is for you to go inside and change the content and details and images and delete the ones you don’t need and you are all set up.
This sounds too good to be true but alas there are some real problems with this kind of solution.
We are going to discuss below the problems one will have when using these theme solutions as a website and why you should check the below factors over functionality in a WordPress theme which make real sense when you go through them:

Factors that should also be considered over and above functionality of a WordPress theme:

Bloated: Many themes nowadays are sold as an all in one tool, the last theme ever you will need, so big and lots of demos etc etc. Well to be honest these themes mostly are bloated. Bloated in the sense there are several hundreds or thousands of bloated codes added in order to make it a big website builder platform that your site can have negative impacts than the positives of using that theme. True that you will get whatever you want in that theme but with junk code and outdated plugins your site can be at a higher risk of getting hacked. This has happened in the past with a slider plugin being bundled with themes and that plugin wasn’t updated by theme authors leading to too many sites being hacked and compromised. So you don’t want plugins bundled with a theme which cause bloatware and ultimately cost you 1000s of dollars in replacing it and again getting back your website to the original state.

Load Time: Load time of any WordPress website is important because SEO wise also it is not a good thing and hence load time should be checked. With such bloated bigger themes with several functionality and features it won’t be possible for you to get a great load time and hence you should try to check the ones which have maximum features with minimum load time.

Features you care: It is often said that the features which you don’t need you shouldn’t care about them and not look for in a theme as well. Because there are several WordPress themes out there with several features which are plugin territory and can be easily added using gallery plugins or shortcodes plugin or page builder plugins and hence if they are easy to add using those plugins why should you bother them being present in your favourite WordPress theme.

Reviews and Support: Reviews are one way of testing whether the theme is really good or not. But most reviews can be paid for by the theme author and hence one should always look for the support area which consists of a transparent forum whereby you can judge whether proper support is being provided for the WordPress theme or not.

GPL of course: GPL would mean that the theme you have downloaded is free for lifetime and you don’t need to pay anything later on. Imagine themes bought from marketplaces have only 1 license per website so basically you need to pay each time you create one more website. So 10 websites and your cost is $600.

Instead in GPL case only once you need to pay for the theme and multiple times for lifetime you can use this theme forever. Isn’t that more budget friendly and better than the above option? Wder GPL anell it certainly is. So you should always check for GPL themes. Also images, and other items used in a GPL theme are always und hence you need not worry about re-using them as well.

Conclusion: There are several freely available WordPress themes out there which are GPL and are even better sometimes than their premium ones and you might not need all the bloated codes and features etc instead just need the theme and a few plugins and you are done with your simple website. So your costs are reduced plus you don’t go through the hassle as explained above.
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