Things That Happen When Your WordPress Blog Becomes Popular

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How can you guess or come to know when your blog has become popular. Today many new bies are creating WordPress blogs with the help of free WP themes. Here we are discussing about things that happen when your WordPress blog becomes popular.

Let us talk of things that occur when your blog from WordPress attains popularity.
1) Illegal login attempts and brute force attacks by internet hackers very often take place when your blog becomes well known to the audience. As soon as your blog is created various search engines crawl it around the globe and it gets publicity. This publicity is observed by those people who want to exploit the popularity of your blog. They do this to enhance the communication process across. It means that when your blog gets popularity then you will face attacks and illegal attempts to login into your website. If you have set up some security features in your WordPress website then you can save your web pages from hackers in some way. This may signify that you are moving on the right track and are being very popular. You must therefore enhance the security and protection of your WordPress blog by implementing plugins that will remove all malicious activity. You can rename your WordPress blog and create a firewall to protect it from web based invaders.

2) Similar to online attacks and illegal attempts of login you may notice many spam comments on your blog after it gains publicity. This activity is generally done by those persons who are your competitors and desire to promote their website by putting comments in your WordPress blog posts or pages. You can solve this problem by making use of various plugins and filters to remove sources or suspicious and spam comments. You should approve or reject comments on your blog so that it does not support parasitic behavior.

3) Your website hosting service may complaint about unlimited resource page usage. When lots of visitors come to your blog each of them browses your blog in a minute way. It causes many resources to get consumed on the hosting sever. If a site has lot of website traffic then it may cover significant space in a RAM, Web Server and CPU. This will affect the performance of other websites in an adverse way when these sites are sharing your server. Your website hosting service might contact you and warn you about it. Some web hosting providers provide you with a solution to monitor the real resource usage time of the website with the help of your control panel.

4) When your blog attains great levels of popularity then you will find that your ad revenue also gains popularity. This happens due to the reason that blog is getting hits and more page views. It has become an essential source of information for billions of audiences on the web. The ad revenue from your blog also fluctuates.

5) Another thing that takes place after your blog becomes popular is that your competitors write about your posts on various sites. Though your blog may get some genuine fans and well wishers yet your competitors try to shrink your image on the web. In this condition One Page WordPress theme allows you to send pingbacks by cross referencing. You can also enable back links to other bloggers.

It is obvious that you may face some issues when your blog attains great popularity. Hackers may try secret logins into your WordPress blog and leave malware attacks on it. Competitors may try to diminish your image. We at SKT Themes have solutions of such problems.
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